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Strengthening our commitment to the OpenTelemetry project 

Carter Socha | April 20, 2023

Lightstep is the first company to natively provide customers with complete control of their telemetry pipeline which saves time and money, and provides the freedom to innovate at scale. By embracing OpenTelemetry support without vendor lock-in, Lightstep helps you make complex app development easier and faster.

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Three Pillars with Zero Answers - Towards a New Scorecard for Observability

Ben Sigelman | Dec 5, 2018

We need to put "metrics, logs, and tracing" back in their place: as implementation details of a larger strategy – they are the fuel, not the car. We need a new scorecard.

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Dive Deep at the Observability Practitioners Summit

Ted Young | Aug 29, 2018

Observability Practitioners Summit - No intro talks, product pitches, or basic overviews. We’ll be down in the details, discussing algorithms, techniques, and fundamental problems with observability at scale. Here's what to look forward to.

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