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Sachi Shah

Sachi is a Director of Product Management at Lightstep, where she oversees our workflows. This includes our tracing and metrics monitoring, triage and anomaly detection workflows. She has also worked on our metrics product, query experience and in-product onboarding. She has a background in enterprise software development, with a focus on distributed systems and data engineering.

Sachi Shah

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Transform your troubleshooting journey with Lightstep

Sachi Shah | Jun 27, 2022

Transform your troubleshooting journey with Lightstep | Lightstep blog

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Observability: 1+1 > 2

Sachi Shah | Feb 5, 2021

Are you tired of using dashboards for everything? With the addition of metrics in Lightstep, you not only have powerful dashboarding and alerting capabilities — you also have a unified product experience across your metrics and tracing telemetry.

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Announcing Query Builder: Powerful Searches on Unsampled Data

Sachi Shah | Feb 25, 2020

We built Query Builder to search through such data efficiently — whether in a single service or across thousands of services — and to amplify the effects of Lightstep’s architecture.

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Gamified Onboarding at Lightstep

Sachi Shah | Dec 2, 2019

Lightstep Sandbox is our first step towards building an in-product onboarding experience. It is a guided, interactive demo environment aimed at simplifying Lightstep for engineers with varying levels of familiarity with tracing.

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