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Katia Bazzi

Katia Bazzi

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How we built & scaled log search and pattern extraction

Karthik Kumar, Katia Bazzi | Jul 31, 2020

We recently added the ability to search and aggregate trace logs in Lightstep! This article will go through how we built & scaled log search and pattern extraction.

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Why Join Lightstep Engineering

Katia Bazzi | Jul 11, 2018

I joined the Lightstep engineering team 7 months ago, and so far, it’s been an incredible ride. This article gives you a look into life at Lightstep and how they've become more than just a team.

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Lightstep Releases Role-based Access Control

Daniela Miao, Katia Bazzi | Apr 9, 2018

We’re excited to release role-based access control for Lightstep with support for three different levels of permissions.

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