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Joe Blubaugh

Joe Blubaugh works on data storage systems and data analysis tools for Lightstep customers. He’s interested in real-time data systems, distributed system design, and data visualization.

Joe Blubaugh

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The concurrent bug I keep writing

Joe Blubaugh | Sep 8, 2020

Joe Blubaugh explains why he reaches for goroutines and channels when building simple and performant request-handling systems in distributed environments.

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Making Your System Observable from the Outside In

Joe Blubaugh | Nov 14, 2019

An Incremental Approach to Observability

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Enhancements in Lightstep Monitoring

Joe Blubaugh | Jan 22, 2018

Today, we’re announcing a suite of new features that make Lightstep monitoring both more powerful and easier to understand.

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GoLang Dep: The Missing Manual

Joe Blubaugh | Oct 9, 2017

At Lightstep we run a number of applications written in Go that handle data ingestion from customers, query processing, monitoring and a variety of other tasks. We’ve adopted dep to manage dependencies for these apps.

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