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Jake Knostman

Jake is a Sr. Product Manager at Lightstep, where he is focused on our monitoring workflows. This includes an emphasis on Dashboards and Alerts. He has a background in product management on enterprise platforms for deploying and managing enterprise applications at scale.

 Jake Knostman

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Identify outliers faster with Heatmaps

Jake Knostman | Jul 6, 2022

With Lightstep’s newest visualization type, heatmaps, you can significantly increase the speed at which you can identify “interesting moments” and identify outliers and edge cases to speed up investigation into problems impacting more customers.

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Announcing Unified Dashboards - Simplifying and Consolidating monitoring across all your telemetry

Jake Knostman | Mar 23, 2022

Siloed views of telemetry data is a thing of the past. With Lightstep's Unified Dashboards, now you can proactively monitor your applications and visualize the relationship between your telemetry types, from a single tab.

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