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Dennis Chu

Dennis Chu

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On-Call Duty: At 2 am, Intuition Isn’t Enough

Dennis Chu | Feb 4, 2019

Terrified, anxious, fearful, isolating, overwhelming, and a little bit thrilling. Those are just a few of the words on-call engineers use to describe what it's like to be on call for the first time. Let's dive in to learn more about on-call.

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Lightstep and OpsGenie Partner to Improve Application Performance and Incident Management

Dennis Chu | May 29, 2018

Microservices-based architectures enable software teams to deliver innovations and value to their customers faster. Microservices are often owned by individual engineering teams that are solely responsible for everything from development to...

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A First in APM, Only Possible with Lightstep

Dennis Chu, Lindsay Tyson | Apr 16, 2018

Lightstep analyzes 100% of unsampled transaction data for all of our customers’ production systems. This wealth of information can be used to quickly explain root causes and resolve time-sensitive issues like errors and latency spikes.

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Lightstep sounds like a lovely idea

Monitoring and observability for the world’s most reliable systems