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Chris Riley

Chris Riley is a technologist who has spent 15 years helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, processes, and tooling. In addition to being an industry analyst, he is a regular author, speaker, and evangelist in the areas of DevOps, BigData, and IT.

Chris Riley

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Advantages of Microservices: How Far Should You Go in Your Microservices Journey?

Chris Riley | Feb 26, 2020

Tech is filled with bold statements and concepts. But then there is the reality. How far should you take your microservices journey?

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Should You Hire a Freelance Developer?

Chris Riley | Oct 17, 2019

Your developer talent is directly related to the quality of your application and getting functionality out the door. In this article, we cover what I’ve learned about vetting and recruiting freelance developers, and when it does and does not make sense.

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