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Ashley Rahimi Syed

Ashley Rahimi Syed

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Ben Sigelman and Bryan Cantrill talk Sun Microsystems, DTrace, and Shouting in the Data Center

Ashley Rahimi Syed | Apr 20, 2020

In this conversation with Lightstep's Ben Sigelman, Bryan Cantrill recalls his experiences working alongside Jeff Bonwick at Sun Microsystems in the 90s, (almost) interviewing with Tom West for a position at Data General, the origins of DTrace, and more.

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Managing SLOs and SLIs in Lightstep

Ashley Rahimi Syed | Mar 18, 2020

This blog will show step-by-step how Lightstep can help you monitor and meet your Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) and resolve incidents quickly.

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Service Health for Deployments in Action

Ashley Rahimi Syed | Feb 11, 2020

Lightstep’s Service Health for Deployments feature helps you understand your services, their deployments, and related performance problems so you can deploy with confidence. In this article, we show you how it works!

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How Lightstep’s Slack Integration Makes It Easier to Resolve Performance Regressions

Ashley Rahimi Syed | Jan 28, 2020

If you find a performance issue or regression, you can quickly troubleshoot it with your team using Lightstep’s Slack integration. We’ve made it easy to establish shared context with your entire organization – right from the app!

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