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Andrew Chee

Andrew Chee

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Diagnosing latency: Lightstep vs. Jaeger

Andrew Chee | Apr 27, 2021

Today, we will discuss how Lightstep approaches the problem of diagnosing latency and will demonstrate how our approach differs from Jaeger’s, even though we both accept the same distributed tracing telemetry. Jump in to learn more!

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Using Operation diagrams to understand dependencies and performance

Andrew Chee | Apr 7, 2021

Having the ability to visualize operation and service flows allows you to quickly identify systemic problems. Read how this type of analysis becomes quick and simple for anyone on your team with Lightstep’s Operation diagrams and root cause analysis.

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Taming Modern Architectures with Lightstep and Sumo Logic

Andrew Chee | Sep 12, 2018

Modern architectures have become incredibly complex over the last few years given the growing popularity of microservices and functions-as-a-service (aka serverless or FaaS).

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