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Alex Boten

Alex has worked in the software industry in a variety of roles ranging from user interface design to core infrastructure engineering, tinkering with network protocols, kernels and drivers along the way. He's passionate about sustainability, inclusivity, privacy and knowledge sharing.

Alex Boten

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OpenTelemetry Python Metrics approaching General Availability

Alex Boten | Apr 1, 2022

OpenTelemetry Metrics is moving towards general availability across the project, including in Python. Learn about how to get started with it today!

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Instrument your Lambda Functions with OpenTelemetry (Preview)

Alex Boten, Lulu Bai | Dec 3, 2020

Lightstep, a major contributor to OpenTelemetry, will be donating an AWS Lambda Extension to the OpenTelemetry community for anyone looking to use open-source vendor agnostic tools to instrument & better understand systems built with AWS Lambda Functions.

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Python Auto-instrumentation with OpenTelemetry

Alex Boten | May 11, 2020

This article will cover how to auto-instrument and inspect a simple Python application using OpenTelemetry and Lightstep, while discussing the benefits and shortcomings of the automated approach.

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Tracing with OpenTelemetry and Lightstep in Python

Alex Boten | Dec 3, 2019

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into span exporters and learn how to get traces into Lightstep from your Python application. Tracing information is now available in the Lightstep dashboard, with one less component to install!

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Getting Started with OpenTelemetry Alphas: Python

Alex Boten | Nov 14, 2019

This guide walks through installing the required packages, generating tracing information and propagating context across processes via HTTP.

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