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Strengthening our commitment to the OpenTelemetry project 

Carter Socha | April 20, 2023

Lightstep is the first company to natively provide customers with complete control of their telemetry pipeline which saves time and money, and provides the freedom to innovate at scale. By embracing OpenTelemetry support without vendor lock-in, Lightstep helps you make complex app development easier and faster.

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Use Span Links in Lightstep

Adriana Villela | Jul 28, 2022

What are Span Links and why are they useful? Read on to find out, and to learn how Lightstep Observability now supports Span Links!

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Cost of Downtime and How to Calculate It

James Walker | Jul 27, 2022

Learn how to calculate the true cost of downtime, why it matters so much for businesses, and ways you can reduce the effects of downtime on your business.

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Let's Talk About Psychological Safety

Adriana Villela | Jul 12, 2022

System outages are rough for all involved, INCLUDING those who are scrambling to get things up and running again as quickly as possible. Psychological safety is crucial, ensuring that employees are at their best & don't burn out. Read on for more on this.

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MTTA, MTTR, MTBF, MTTF: A Guide to Understanding Incident Metrics

Deborah Ruck | Jul 11, 2022

What are the differences between incident management metrics such as MTTA, MTTR, MTBF, and MTTF? In this guide, you’ll explain the different metrics, their definitions, how to calculate them and their use cases.

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Incident Response Management Team - Roles and Responsibilities

Michelle Ho | Jul 7, 2022

The incident response management team is made up of multiple roles. These incident response team roles and responsibilities include the incident commander, SMEs, communication manager and other roles that provide support.

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Identify outliers faster with Heatmaps

Jake Knostman | Jul 6, 2022

With Lightstep’s newest visualization type, heatmaps, you can significantly increase the speed at which you can identify “interesting moments” and identify outliers and edge cases to speed up investigation into problems impacting more customers.

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Figure out what happened, and why - with postmortems

Darius Koohmarey | Jun 29, 2022

Automatically generate a postmortem for how your team responded to an incident to ensure all of your stakeholders are aware of what happened, why it happened, and how it was resolved, and plans for preventing it from happening again with Lightstep.

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Save, share, and collaborate with Lightstep

Rakesh Patel | Jun 29, 2022

Sharing your investigative workflow, and troubleshooting steps, is the easiest way to broadcast to your stakeholders the work that goes into resolving a high-priority outage. Lightstep has made it easy for you to report out on your team’s efforts.

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Finding new investigative routes with Change Intelligence

Rakesh Patel | Jun 28, 2022

Access Change Intelligence within Lightstep Notebooks by clicking the “Analyze Deviation” button to instantly generate powerful trace-based throughput correlations across your system that can help you move your investigation forward if you get stuck.

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