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Gain agility through observability

Heather Waters | January 19, 2023

As we navigate geopolitical challenges, macroeconomic headwinds, and the post-pandemic comedown, there is pressure to drive transformation, reduce costs, and be more efficient. See how observability can help you rise to the challenge and be more agile.

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Traces are Dead: Long Live (Lightstep) Tracing

Ben Sigelman | Mar 3, 2019

This article by Ben Sigelman, Lightstep CEO, dives into Lightstep and how tracing has evolved since the beginning.

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Signal, Noise, and a Service Diagram That Actually Answers Questions

Danton Rodriguez, Karthik Kumar | Feb 11, 2019

Today, we're excited to introduce Lightstep's Service Diagram, a new tool to expedite root-cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution. Service Diagram provides a visual, interactive, and hierarchical representation of a system's behavior.

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On-Call Duty: At 2 am, Intuition Isn’t Enough

Dennis Chu | Feb 4, 2019

Terrified, anxious, fearful, isolating, overwhelming, and a little bit thrilling. Those are just a few of the words on-call engineers use to describe what it's like to be on call for the first time. Let's dive in to learn more about on-call.

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Best Practices for Instrumenting Applications with OpenTracing

Alex Masluk | Jan 30, 2019

The biggest risk in the process of getting started with distributed tracing is only doing partial instrumentation. This article discusses how instrumentation is vital to get started with distributed tracing successfully.

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InVision Improves Performance by 75% with Lightstep

Kristin Brennan | Jan 9, 2019

Lightstep is engineered from its foundation to address the inherent challenges of monitoring distributed systems and microservices at scale for distributed companies.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward ... and fundraising when we’re ready to use it

Ben Sigelman | Dec 19, 2018

For our recent Series C financing, the idea wasn’t to "raise when we could" — in that case, we would have closed something much earlier. Rather, it was to "raise when we’re ready to use it," and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in.

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The Myth of the Server's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Arya Asemanfar | Dec 11, 2018

Have you ever been on call when something had a temporary latency spike that was possibly just a network blip? Or maybe the service was unhappy and went into a GC spiral? This post discusses how observability provides a deeper understanding of your system.

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Three Pillars with Zero Answers - Towards a New Scorecard for Observability

Ben Sigelman | Dec 5, 2018

We need to put "metrics, logs, and tracing" back in their place: as implementation details of a larger strategy – they are the fuel, not the car. We need a new scorecard.

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Serverless Still Runs on Servers

Spoons | Nov 29, 2018

Serverless is important, and we should all care about it, even though it's a silly buzzword: like NoSQL before it, the term describes "negative space" – what it isn't rather than what it is. What's serverless? A cat is serverless, donuts are...

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