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2022 in review

In 2022, our team pushed over 4,500 deployments to production. At over 17 deploys per day, Lightstep® added incredible value to our solution. Let's look at a few of those deployments and take a sneak peak into our plans for 2023.


If a single theme stood out the past year, it was “Unified.” We focused on providing our customers with a unified observability platform that lives up to their vision of what a Unified Observability Platform should look like.

So, when it comes to recapping our launches, “unified” covers a significant portion:

Check out our relevant blogs above if you want to dig in further. But, for now, let's dive into our Unified Query Language. For everything we released, we made great strides in unifying telemetry within Lightstep to drive better insights and improve the ways you can reduce downtime and outages, as well as improve the customers experience.

The Unified Query Language not only unified telemetry to give users the ability to chart metrics and tracing data (and coming soon - logging data) in a single view, but it also unified our platform. UQL is embedded across the entire Lightstep platform; it’s available in Notebooks, dashboards, alerts, and APIs.

The real power in UQLUQL is the ability to implement "observability-as-codeobservability-as-code," which introduces deeper consistency, maintainability, and reproducibility across cloud-native architectures. This ultimately helps reduce costs as observability-as-code best practices increase developer velocity while improving repeatability and reliability.

I was fortunate to see how much of an impact this could have when we launched it at KubeCon NA 2022, and continue to hear about its impact in customer conversations.


A second term that stood out for 2022, was “collaborative,” or maybe “notebooks,” or maybe even “collaborative notebooks.” In June of last year, we launched our Notebooks feature as one of the newest pillars of our platform. Take a look at all the supporting documents:

Notebooks went from being a concept to a reality in 2022. There is nothing more exciting than to see a concept travel through the development processes and become reality. The only thing more exciting is to see how it helps you resolve issues faster, and maintain a historical record of investigations.

ServiceGraph Connector

Another critical milestone the ServiceGraphServiceGraph® Connector for Observability - Lightstep.

Since 2021, we’ve honed in on creating the roadmap for observability and helping reduce MTTR for incidents across your tech estate. This is where the ServiceGraph Connector for Observability - Lightstep comes in.

It’s been quietly gaining traction, and is positioned to help you and everyone in the enterprise to achieve organizational goals.

So what does 2023 look like?

With our acquisition of Era softwareacquisition of Era software, Lightstep is now positioned to be the most complete, unified, primary observability platform available. It unifies log management, tracing, and metrics under one roof for key observability use cases.

As the ServiceGraph Connector approaches a milestone, the team is doing even more to expand the capabilities and functionality that our integration can bring.

It’s going to be an exciting year, and I can’t wait to show you how we can help you deliver more value in 2023.

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January 30, 2023
3 min read

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Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner

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