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Strengthening our commitment to the OpenTelemetry project 

Carter Socha | April 20, 2023

Lightstep is the first company to natively provide customers with complete control of their telemetry pipeline which saves time and money, and provides the freedom to innovate at scale. By embracing OpenTelemetry support without vendor lock-in, Lightstep helps you make complex app development easier and faster.

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Making the complex simple: Correlation-driven dynamic sampling of trace data

Austin Parker | Sep 23, 2020

In this blog post, Austin Parker discusses Lightstep's sampling strategy, including the video and transcript of Lightstep engineer Karthik Kumar's talk, Making the Complex Simple.

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The concurrent bug I keep writing

Joe Blubaugh | Sep 8, 2020

Joe Blubaugh explains why he reaches for goroutines and channels when building simple and performant request-handling systems in distributed environments.

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Stepping it up! Lightstep feature updates - June and July 2020

Robin Whitmore | Aug 17, 2020

June and July 2020 post updated on the latest enhancements, so you're sure not to miss out on how Lightstep is evolving to make your life easier.

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OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News – Vol 33

Eric O'Rear | Aug 3, 2020

OTel Me More delivers the latest OpenTelemetry news, resources, and event information. Learn more about the OpenTelemetry project and how to get involved in the community.

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How we built & scaled log search and pattern extraction

Karthik Kumar, Katia Bazzi | Jul 31, 2020

We recently added the ability to search and aggregate trace logs in Lightstep! This article will go through how we built & scaled log search and pattern extraction.

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How Distributed Tracing Makes Logs More Valuable

Ben Sigelman | Jul 29, 2020

This article discussed the theory that logging has become a “selfish” technology. Well cover what logging is withholding with its selfishness and how can we address this with a more thoughtful and unified approach to observability.

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OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News – Vol 32

Eric O'Rear | Jul 15, 2020

Vol 32 of OpenTelemetry project news. OpenTelemetry’s Java instrumentation is now in-step with OTel-Java v0.6.0, and the tracing proto is now stable.

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Root cause analysis in three clicks: Announcing major updates to Lightstep’s distributed tracing

Talia Moyal | Jun 30, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce updates that enable developers to identify the root cause of virtually any regression in three simple clicks. This article will take you through the steps on how to identify what went wrong and why, in under 5 minutes.

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OTel Me More: OpenTelemetry Project News – Vol 31

Eric O'Rear | Jun 24, 2020

Vol 31 of OpenTelemetry project news. Several new SIGs are now meeting, including for Erlang, Sampling Specs, and Error specs.

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