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Strengthening our commitment to the OpenTelemetry project 

Carter Socha | April 20, 2023

Lightstep is the first company to natively provide customers with complete control of their telemetry pipeline which saves time and money, and provides the freedom to innovate at scale. By embracing OpenTelemetry support without vendor lock-in, Lightstep helps you make complex app development easier and faster.

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How we built Lightstep Metrics: production-ready alerting

Stephanie Baum, Michelle Lee | Feb 8, 2021

With our Lightstep team announcing the addition of metrics, we had a few more items up our sleeves. In this post, we’ll discuss how we created a new ability to create metrics based alerts. Check it out!

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Observability: what is it good for?

Spoons | Feb 5, 2021

Observability tools form the cornerstone of understanding what’s happening in your systems. These tools only offer real value when they’re used across your organization. Read this post for insight on what observability is good for and how to use it.

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Observability: 1+1 > 2

Sachi Shah | Feb 5, 2021

Are you tired of using dashboards for everything? With the addition of metrics in Lightstep, you not only have powerful dashboarding and alerting capabilities — you also have a unified product experience across your metrics and tracing telemetry.

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Wow, Metrics! How do I send them to Lightstep?

Lulu Bai | Feb 4, 2021

We are extremely excited to share how to quickly identify changes and abnormalities using Lightstep’s new Change Intelligence feature. In order to take advantage of these new features, you’ll first want to start sending us metrics.

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Announcing Change Intelligence, actionable Metrics dashboards and alerts, and a new approach for Observability

Ben Sigelman | Feb 4, 2021

Read this post on our new Change Intelligence feature, full support for infrastructure monitoring & application metrics, fast dashboards & alerts, native support for OpenTelemetry, automatic migration from Datadog and Prometheus/Grafana, and more.

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The Big Pieces: OpenTelemetry context propagation

Ted Young | Jan 27, 2021

Context propagation is at the heart of what makes OpenTelemetry so useful, and it can be a little confusing to new users who have never encountered it. In this blog series, The Big Pieces, we dive into the major architectural components of OpenTelemetry.

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Why should OpenTelemetry be your standard for telemetry?

Spoons | Dec 16, 2020

OpenTelemetry provides a cost-effective and scalable way for your platform and infrastructure teams to support the rest of the organization while still enforcing those standards. In this blog, we’ll discuss why OpenTelemetry should be your new standard.

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Lightstep partners with AWS on the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

Ted Young | Dec 15, 2020

We are partnering with Amazon to bring OpenTelemetry to AWS in a supported fashion. AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry provides an AWS-supported, production-ready release of the OpenTelemetry Collector for Lightstep customers who use OpenTelemetry on AWS.

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OpenTelemetry Java: All you need to know

Ted Young | Dec 14, 2020

This walkthrough contains all you need to know to actually use OpenTelemetry in Java. Apply this walkthrough to your application, and you are good to go.

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