Announcing major updates to Lightstep’s observability platform:

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A simpler path to reliability

Lightstep’s observability platform is the easiest way for developers and SREs to understand how complex systems change.

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Make observability easier for your team

It shouldn’t take hours to resolve incidents or investigate performance issues. That’s the way things used to be.
Lightstep automatically detects changes to your application, infrastructure, and user experience — and surfaces the exact causes.

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Built for OpenTelemetry (and everything else)

We co-founded open standards like OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing to give developers access to portable, vendor-neutral telemetry data. Not there yet? We also support integrations with Jaeger, Zipkin, Prometheus, AWS, and hundreds more.

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Reduce MTTR by more than 90%

“I've been obsessed with Lightstep. It's been a fun product to use, not just a helpful one. I've never seen anything that you could drill in and find the root cause of a problem so quickly and so visually. That just absolutely blew my mind.”

Dave Lucia
VP of Engineering

Save $1,000,000s in annual firefighting and debugging costs

"With Lightstep, it takes us three minutes to know which service is affected, where before required grepping for an hour. This is a 20x reduction in identifying the root cause of an integration test failure."

Omar Mezenner
Software Engineer

Scale to hundreds of millions of users

"Lightstep is the future of monitoring and was instrumental in our move to microservices."

Pete Morelli
Vice President of Engineering

"Lightstep has transformed how we diagnose latency and performance issues."

Shaun McCormick
Senior Staff Software Engineer BigCommerce

"Lightstep shows us exactly where things are slow, what changes we need to make to realize a quick ROI, and specifically how our customers are experiencing our platform."

Philip Zeyliger
Software Engineer

"Rather than having to comb through all the dependencies, Lightstep pages me and I can see specifically where the issue lies –– down to the specific MySQL query!"

Omar Mezenner
Software Engineeer

"The Reliability team can, without access to code, pinpoint what deployment caused degradation, and escalate to the correct team."

Joar Sæther
Director of Reliability Engineering

“Lightstep automatically shows us what we need to see, and it’s by far the best way to understand dependencies.”

Joel Wilsson
Senior Software Engineer

It only takes a few clicks to investigate complex issues

Yes, you read that correctly. Lightstep analyzes 100% of your unsampled event data in seconds, and automatically surfaces the likely root cause — no matter how rare, specific, or deep in the stack.

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Complete system context at scale

Every dependency. Every deploy. Every regression. Whether you have five services or five hundred, Lightstep gives your team real-time visibility from mobile to backend, and everything in between.

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Workflows for more productive DevOps teams

Break down organizational silos with comprehensive views of system health and customer behavior that can be shared with ease.

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Get started in minutes

Lightstep automatically gathers information from every request across all your services, and supports most languages, frameworks, and platforms.

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