Understand complex systems with one line of code

Every dependency. Every deploy. Every regression. See it all with the world’s most insightful tracing.

Instrumentation shouldn't be a four-letter word

We co-founded open standards like OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing to give developers access to portable, vendor-neutral telemetry data. Now you can get started in less time than it takes to microwave a burrito.

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“Logging solutions can provide information about who, what, and where things happened, but Lightstep answers why things happened.”

Jason Hudak

Vice President of Platform Engineering at Twilio

Instant root cause analysis

Yes, you read that right. Lightstep analyzes 100% of your unsampled event data in seconds, and automatically surfaces the likely root cause — no matter how rare, specific, or deep in the stack.

Rapid root cause analysis

Full-context observability at any scale

Lightstep highlights the critical path across any number of dependencies, whether you have five services or five hundred. Unlike conventional monitoring, there are no charges based on data volume, which means unlimited cardinality, unlimited visibility, and unlimited scale.

Product overview

Automatically detect and investigate changes

Know exactly what happens after anyone on your team ships code. Easily compare before and after any deploy, and get immediate context into what’s different, what’s broken, and what specific metrics, logs, and traces are relevant to your investigation.

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“Service Health for Deployments gives us deep out of the box insight into the state of our application. We’re able to quickly diagnose and resolve regressions.”

Joshua Ma

CTO at Benchling

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Lightstep automatically gathers information from every request across all your services, and supports most languages, frameworks, and platforms.

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