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Fix Problems Before They Impact Customers

Diagnose anything across all components of your system, and restore confidence in your release process.

Analyze Every Transaction Icon

Analyze every transaction

Observe every request at scale. In real time. Across web, mobile, microservices, and monoliths.

Measure Performance Where It Matters Most Icon

Measure performance where it matters most

Define SLAs for fine-grained, custom criteria. Pursue any business objective that depends on fast, reliable software.

Pinpoint The Root Cause Icon

Pinpoint the root cause

Use distributed traces to understand performance problems and identify the teams that can fix them.

See Exactly Why Services and Systems Fail

Finger pointing. Anecdotes. Meetings where no one knows who is responsible. Rise above the fray and pinpoint which services and teams are — or are not — contributing to an issue, and who should be involved in incident resolution.

Scale 100x — Without Slowdowns or Upcharges

Send unlimited amounts of data at no extra cost — whether it's a sudden spike in visitors from a viral post, Black Friday, or simply the growth of your business over time.

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Deploy with Confidence

“LightStep is the future of monitoring.”

Pete Morelli
VP of Engineering, Lyft

“LightStep helps me sleep better at night.”

Jason Hudak
VP of Platform Engineering, Twilio

“LightStep helps ensure we deliver on our promises to customers.”

Rob Figueiredo
Distinguished Engineer, Yext

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