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The cloud-native reliability platform

Monitoring and observability for the world’s most reliable systems

Lightstep is now ServiceNow Cloud Observability! Learn about the exciting new product enhancements

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Why Lightstep?

Because every developer, SRE, and customer deserves a better experience

Simplify how you monitor your entire stack


One platform to see them all

Connect Lightstep to your existing tools from Kubernetes to Jaeger and everything in between.

Reduce MTTR by

more than 90%

"I've been obsessed with Lightstep. It's been a fun product to use, not just a helpful one. I've never seen anything that you could drill in and find the root cause of a problem so quickly and so visually. That just absolutely blew my mind."

Dave Lucia

VP of Engineering at Simplebet

Save $1,000,000s

in annual firefighting 
and debugging costs

"With Lightstep, it takes us three minutes to know which service is affected, where before required grepping for an hour. This is a 20x reduction in identifying the root cause of an integration test failure."

Omar Mezenner

Software Engineer at Plaid

Reliability at scale

What makes Lightstep different

Visibility 1

Visibility and response

Move seamlessly from high-level service maps to specific signals contributing to issues in production — and optimize on-call with automated, rapid response workflows.

Architecture 1

Groundbreaking architecture

Our time series database was built by the team that launched Monarch and Dapper, Google’s planet-scale metrics and tracing. With a common storage and serving systemcommon storage and serving system for all telemetry, we enable customer app reliability on billions of devices regardless of spikes in traffic or usage.

Telemetry 1

Unified Telemetry

Lightstep is the only platform that natively, naturally, and scalably combines metrics and tracing. Query and investigate issues without knowing ahead of time which data type contains the answers you need. And automatically correlate root causes across traces, metrics, and logs anywhere in the system.

Pricing 1

Pricing that aligns with business outcomes

For every 100 containers, hosts, or users added to Lightstep, the cost increases by… nothing! Our pricing is based on services, which means more developers, SREs, operators, sales people (ok, not them) can deliver on their goals — without additional spend.

Lightstep sounds like a lovely idea