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We believe that building an inclusive and diverse team is the best way to build a healthy company.

We put great stock in our safe and communicative working environment, and our culture is built around mutual respect, autonomy, and long-term learning and development.

Senior Front-end Engineer

We help our users solve production-system problems with high-fidelity visualizations and detailed, real-time insights derived from massive volumes of incoming distributed systems data. As part of our San Francisco-based team, you’ll play a pivotal role in defining our front-end codebase and development best practices. We're looking for someone who is excited to build the foundation for a growing front-end team that writes efficient, maintainable code that's a pleasure to develop and leads to a high-quality, standout product.

Our engineering team is a friendly group of generalists with impressive backgrounds and a notable depth of expertise. If you're interested in becoming part of the team, we'd love to hear how LightStep could help you grow and excel.

You'd be a great fit if...
  • you're excited about React and front-end code that creates a great product experience
  • you've got 5+ years engineering experience and want to share the best of what you've learned
  • you’d look forward to setting the standard for quality code and best practices for a growing product team
  • you've held a tech lead position in the past and enjoy coordinating with others to ensure complex engineering projects are done well
  • you want to be part of a revenue-generating startup where all your changes are going to have immediate, positive customer impact
  • you have specialties but aren't daunted by digging into a backend API or MySQL database when it's needed to get things done
Bonus points
  • you've checked out OpenTracing and already see the value of what LightStep's building

Front-end Engineer

At LightStep, we’re helping our users solve production problems with a product that can visualize and navigate insightful, high-fidelity information from an extremely high volume of incoming distributed systems data. As part of our San Francisco-based team, you’ll shape our growing React front-end and help ensure the code efficient, maintainable, and a pleasure to develop. We’re a team of generalists with specialties. If you bring UX or design skills to the team, we’re even more excited.

You'd be a great fit if...
  • you’re excited about React/Redux and building out a maintainable codebase that’s a pleasure to work with
  • you’ve got a couple years experience with front-end engineering and want to share best practices that’ll scale with the company
  • you’re excited about a fast-paced, continuous release cycle that gives you the autonomy to make significant improvements every day and every week
  • you have your areas of expertise but also are a generalist that can dig into any part of the stack to help get things done
Bonus points
  • you’re got a background or training in user experience, human-computer interaction, or visual design
  • you’ve got prior experience working with a data-intensive or distributed system tools
  • you’ve got side projects demonstrating an ability and eagerness to learn new skills
  • you have published writing demonstrating effective communication skills
  • you’ve got experience with D3 or Go

Software Engineer

At LightStep, we’re building a transformative new product for tracking and understanding application behavior and performance. As we add new capabilities and scale out our technology, we need to grow our creative, curious, low-ego engineering team! You’ll be joining us in San Francisco and working on a sophisticated distributed system that collects, manages, analyses, and presents high-fidelity data from our customers’ applications.

You'd be a great fit if...
  • you’re excited to be part of the core group that sets the quality standard for time to come
  • you enjoy digging deep into fundamentally hard CS and engineering problems
  • you’re motivated by both open-ended challenges and practical it-just-needs-to-get-done code: whatever has the most impact
  • you’re eager to learn from your teammates and have something to teach them as well
  • you may have a particular area of expertise, but think of yourself as a generalist who likes to challenge yourself in new areas (and wants to work with a team that encourages you to do so)
Bonus points
  • you’ve worked on (and/or have a lot of curiosity about) large-scale distributed systems and microservice-based architectures
  • you’ve got a background in (and/or have a lot of curiosity about) large-scale system performance and/or security
  • you have experience outside of engineering: marketing, sales, design, etc.
  • you contribute to open source projects and/or do community-building work

Developer Advocate

The OpenTracing project defines a standard that makes understanding, building, and improving distributed systems easier. In doing so, it improves the quality of open source tools and applications across the board. LightStep wants to support that goal. We’re looking for a teammate who is knowledgeable about popular open source technologies and best practices, eager to be an expert on distributed systems performance, and can lend a hand as a teacher, communicator, and open source code contributor to help move the OpenTracing community forward.

You'd be a great fit if...
  • you’re passionate about participating in the open source community as part of your day job
  • you’re a good teacher when it comes to engineering: both plain-English descriptions of complex technical topics as well as illustrative code snippets come easily to you
  • you’re capable of being opinionated and friendly at the same time
  • you’re a great engineer too: you want to make contributions to the open source community, not just describe them!
  • you’ll be our customers’ champion as well: advocate product and engineering changes that reflect the needs of the broader community
Bonus points
  • you’re already an active participant in the open source community
  • you enjoy working across the breadth of technologies from frameworks to programming languages
  • you have experience working on distributed systems performance at scale
  • you’ve worked in customer-facing engineering roles before (e.g. field engineer, support engineer)

Creative, Curious, Talented Individual

We're always looking for incredible people who can add to our team. Get in touch and let us know what fires you up about LightStep and how you think you can make it even better.