LightStep-Slack Integration Guide

Be sure there is a channel in your Slack team that you want to integrate with, and if there isn’t please create one before starting this process.

Start in LightStep

1) Navigate to the Project Settings page by clicking on the [Project Settings] link in the top navbar.

2) Click the [Add to Slack] button to start the integration/authorization flow.

3) You will be redirected to Slack and asked to log in. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to select the Slack team you want to integrate with.

4) On the next page, grant permission for LightStep to confirm your identity with Slack, and select the channel you want LightStep to post alerts to. Click [Authorize] when finished.

5) You will be redirected back to LightStep, and your Slack integration will be activated. Click [Trigger Test Alert] to have LightStep send a message to the Slack channel you selected. (Be sure to check Slack to confirm that the test message was successfully received) You can always [Update] the authorization or [Remove] the integration from the Project Settings page.

6) If you click the [Operations] link in the top navbar, you will return to the Operations page. From here you can turn on alerts for any tracked operation using the Alerts toggle switch in that row. As long as the Slack integration is active, all new alerts will send messages to Slack for new alerts, updates and resolution of alert states. Try it out!