Reliability Management

for Modern Systems

Unprecedented visibility from mobile clients to microservices,
all using end-to-end distributed tracing.

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Get the complete picture

End-to-end traces tell detailed, unbroken stories that traverse your entire application stack. Stop guessing and start knowing.

Jump straight to the problem

LightStep focuses on slow or unsuccessful operations, making root cause analysis easy, even in distributed systems.

OSS Cross-platform support

LightStep relies on OpenTracing and never locks you in. Clean bindings are available for most major mobile, web, and server-side languages.

We learned from our experience building Google’s tracing and monitoring systems.

LightStep is a leap forward: open source integration and built for 1,000x the throughput.

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High-fidelity tracing

LightStep's novel architecture yields orders of magnitude more detail than conventional logging or APM, while LightStep’s analysis engine calls out the traces you need to see.

Lightweight, run everywhere

For highly concurrent systems, many reliability problems only appear in production. LightStep is lightweight enough to be always-on, giving you the complete picture you need whenever you need it.

End-to-end SLA management

Define SLAs confidently. LightStep continuously monitors them, alerts you when they are violated, and helps you troubleshoot the problem with specific example traces that demonstrate the regression.

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