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See deep into production systems and
improve performance where it matters most.

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Tie system performance to business objectives

Our Enterprise customers always want a faster product. LightStep gives us performance omniscience with aggregate and account-specific performance stats and traces. It's incredible.

Rob Figueiredo

VP of Engineering, Yext (NYSE: YEXT)

Foster a culture of accountability

LightStep gives our developers a real-time understanding of how production services interact - across organizational boundaries. That's why we need LightStep running in as many services as possible.

Dave Smith

Director of Engineering, DigitalOcean

Understand end-to-end system behavior at scale

Our systems generate more than 100 billion microservice calls per day. LightStep is one of the only systems that can make sense of that firehose: it root-causes performance problems anywhere from mobile all the way to the bottom of our distributed stack. This is the future of monitoring.

Peter Morelli

VP of Engineering, Lyft

Enterprise Ready

  • SAML support
  • On-prem or in-VPC collection
  • Flexible data scrubbing

Works with your system

  • Monoliths or Microservices
  • Splunk/Kibana correlation_ids
  • Envoy, nginx, haproxy, others

Built on an open standard

  • OpenTracing-native
  • Tracers in all OpenTracing languages
  • Zero instrumentation lock-in

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